” The Foundation is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors, which operates the organization under established By-Laws. The Board is responsible for the establishment of committees that undertake fundraising, investments, grants, marketing etc.”

Flambeau River

The Foundations By-Laws, Annual Reports, and Financial Reports are available to the public.

At the present time the Rusk County Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Chippewa County (  The Community Foundation of Chippewa County was established in 2001, manages nearly 20 million dollars of assets and is nationally accredited.

It is a common practice for newer Foundations to affiliate with an established Foundation.

The benefits of the Rusk County Community Foundation affiliating with the Chippewa Foundation are:

  • The ability to maximize our earnings because our segregated funds can be invested
  • In a more diversified portfolio of investment options.
  • We benefit from the professional expertise of an experienced organization that provides administrative support, tax reporting and monitoring of compliance issues.
  • Our close proximity allows for on-site meetings and participation in training events.
  • It keeps our local operating expenses at a minimum.
  • RCCF funds are meticulously tracked and reported (and audited) ensuring donor intent.
  • All funds remain only for use in Rusk County.