Celebrating 15 Years of Enriching Our Community

Designated Endowment Funds

Anita & George Lawrence Covenant Fund (LEEF)

In 2018, the Anita and George Lawrence Covenant Fund was established with the Rusk County Community Foundation as a Designated Endowment Fund (LEEF). When George was asked why they established this fund, he shared the following: “We all want our children to make good choices but

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Flambeau Forever Foundation

OVER 500 STUDENTS, OVER 500 REASONS TO CARE! Established 2016 About Us Why the need for the Flambeau Forever Foundation: Provide student educational opportunities. Create a financial bridge between the community and students. Provide educational equipment. Elevate student achievement. What sort of things can/has the Foundation

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Dennis R. Van Wey Legacy Fund

Dennis was born and raised in Ladysmith with his brothers Mel, Mark, Timothy, sister Audrey and parents Cecil and Betty Van Wey. After his high school graduation he attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania. His career was in academics, primarily at Mount Senario College. He began his

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