Ways to Give

Because individuals and organizations may desire their gifts to serve specific purposes, the Foundation offers a variety of fund options.

Unrestricted gifts are welcomed and may be used for any of the Foundation’s charitable purposes at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Endowment gifts become permanent charitable assets. Earnings may be used for restricted or unrestricted purposes. Gifts may be made to the Foundation endowment fund or, with certain requirements, to your own named fund. Options for the latter include the following:

Designated Fund -Your fund’s earnings can benefit your chosen charitable organization(s) or community.

Donor Advised Fund – You can advise the Board of Directors on how you would like the annual earnings of your fund distributed.

Field of Interest Fund – You may determine one or more areas of interest you wish the earnings of your fund to support.

Seedling Fund – You may create a named fund now, then bring it to the endowed level over time with either lifetime or estate gifts. When the endowed level is reached, the fund converts to a permanent endowment.

Agency Fund – Nonprofit organizations can create their own endowment that will produce annual grants to serve the purposes of that organization.

Operating Fund – You may support Foundation operations by gifts to the fund.

Pass-through Fund – Non-endowed funds may be created to receive gifts to be used for a specific purpose, usually short term.

For more information about leaving a donation to your charity, contact you legal/financial advisor.