Celebrating 15 Years of Enriching Our Community


The idea is simple. You give $365 – a dollar a day – to make our community better.

Each year, we pool all of the GIVE 365 members money. As a member of GIVE 365 you get a vote. Your vote helps decide which non-profit organization in Rusk County will receive the grant money.

60% goes directly towards a non-profit organization in Rusk County. Each year the GIVE 365 board members decide on a theme for giving. You then vote for which non-profit organization you’d like to receive the money. The organization must submit a grant request and qualify based on the theme.

30% of your donation will continue to grow in an endowed fund. Think of it like this … a giant savings account for Rusk County. This money will just continue to grow as it is invested into funds that will earn dividends. The funds are managed by the Rusk County Community Foundation.

10% of your donation will be housed in an operating fund. We will use these funds for promoting GIVE 365 and hosting GIVE 365 events.