Celebrating 15 Years of Enriching Our Community

Rusk County Community Library Endowment Fund

The Rusk County Community Library Foundation originated around the year 2000 with the purpose of building an endowment for future library needs.  Grants were given directly to the library for several small projects until 2010 when we concentrated on building the endowment.  Looking for a more publicized avenue for potential library donors, we invested $10,000 in a fund with the Rusk County Community Foundation.  This has increased to about $26,000 to date with a few large donations and very fine market gains.  We haven’t granted money from our fund yet. We came close to doing so when we funded the library security system with $10,000 in about 2018, an investment which has provided a very good return in money saved and reduced employee time. Knowing that we have the ability to grant from this fund is reassuring. We hope library lovers will view our fund as an investment in the future of Rusk County. Jim Kurz, president of Rusk County Community Library Foundation

GIVE365 Grants Awarded

On May 24, 2022, the Ladysmith Park Lions Amphitheater was the site for the annual GIVE 365 Grant Presentations. Each year the GIVE 365 members

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