Member Profiles

The Baker Family – Ben , Sara, Madison & Bodebaker365

The Baker Family resides in Hawkins, WI.  Currently, Sara is the Vice-President at Ladysmith Federal where she focuses on mortgage lending.  Ben is an Outside Plant Technician for CenturyLink.  Our family enjoys spending time together anytime we can get outside.  In the winter, the kids have taking a liking to snowboarding.  In the summer, we spend as much time as we can up at the lake swimming, boating, and fishing.

Why did I join GIVE 365? As a human being, we all have desire to want to give. GIVE 365 allows me to give back with the impact.  We love knowing that some of our money will go direct to causes that matter in our community today while the other part of money continues to grow for future needs.

Organizations doing good work in our community – We support any projects that promote the health and well being of families and kids in our communities.

Favorite Place/Activity/Event in Rusk County – Fall is one of our  favorite seasons.  We love to take part in as many activities as we can during Leaf it to Rusk!

Memory of being involved in Philanthropy – Growing up, both of our families donated to various charities in our communities.  We were also exposed to opportunities to volunteer for different organizations.  It is important to our family to teach Madison & Bode the importance of helping others and life-long giving.

Teri Blumenthalblumenthal365

Why did I join GIVE 365? I joined because I believe that we can make a difference.  That when we are able to, we should help others

Organizations doing good work in our community – I am on the Board of Manufacturing Works, Gold Collar Careers,  Committee member of Rural Health Network – Rusk County, Bruce Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce High School activities

Favorite Place/Activity/Event in Rusk County – Have so many!!!!, love Mardi Gras, Leaf it to Rusk, Christmas events.  Love being in the country, with lakes, peaceful areas!!

Memory of being involved in Philanthropy – Always supported the United Way in Canada.  I was fortunate to be very involved and led a small team that visited all of the organizations that the money went to.  Helped them write business plans, obtain their funds and watch them help others.


Karl Huberhuber365







The Knops –  Arian & Arleneknops365




The Lechelers – Bob & Sherielechelers

Why did I join GIVE 365?  My wife, Sherie, and I wanted to get involved in the community by joining others to provide on-going support to help those in need and improve our community.  Give365 seems to be what we were looking for.  It has the potential to provide help to a variety of causes over a long period of time.

Organizations doing good work in our community – We believe there are a number of excellent organizations doing good work in the community.  Of course we feel the School District of Ladysmith is doing excellent work partnering with families and the community to provide quality education to the youth of our community, as we both work within the district.  In the brief time we have been here, we have been impressed with efforts of the church communities.  I have had a limited experience with Habitat for Humanity.  The WRA is impressive with its support base and accomplishments.  I have worked directly with the Rusk county Restorative Youth Program, the Rusk County Youth Council, the Rusk County Community Mental Health Coalition, and the Indianhead Community Action Agency.  We are looking forward to learning more about the many organizations that have a positive impact on our community.

Favorite Place/Activity/Event in Rusk County – Sherie moved here in August of last year.  Before that, we had limited experience with many of the activities in the community.  We have enjoyed Mardi Gras and numerous activities connected to the school district.

Memory of being involved in Philanthropy – We have enjoyed the opportunity to give back for what others have given to us.  Over the years, we have been involved with foster care, Habitat for Humanity, the Catholic Worker House, and church functions.  Recovering from a house fire, we experienced the wonderful generosity of many.  Being able to help others in need reminds us of the many blessings we have received.



Donna Millermiller

Why did I join GIVE 365?  For my grandchildren.  I want to support local growth.

Organizations doing good work in our community – Chamber of Commerce, Jaycees, Lions Club, Masons.

Favorite Place/Activity/Event in Rusk County – I enjoy the parks and the library.  I really enjoy Winter Magic and Leaf it to Rusk.

Memory of being involved in Philanthropy – Planting trees on Highway 27 South with my Girl Scout Troop.


Kevin Smith and Rebecca Allen


Why did I join GIVE 365?  I wanted to joint with others, pooling our annual Give 365 resources, to make a thoughtful and meaningful impact on community needs.  We do not have a local United Way.  This is my way of giving “my fair share” and have it stay in Rusk County.

Organizations doing good work in our community – Rusk County volunteerism is incredible.  There are simply too many organizations doing good to mention here.  The Foundation is involved with all of them.

Favorite Place/Activity/Event in Rusk County – The arts and music venues.

Memory of being involved in Philanthropy – I was involved with neighborhood fund raisers for good causes as a child.  I always felt the need to give back.


The Von Hadens  – Scott & Connievonhaden365

Why did I join GIVE 365?  Our lives have been very blessed. We are on the lookout for ways we can pay these blessings forward. We like the idea that the money stays local. We like the fact that we can have a voice in how the funds are disbursed. We especially like the fact that through this joint effort our contributions are multiplied many times over to where they can make a real difference.

Organizations doing good work in our community – We support Ladysmith and Holcombe Lions, many of the local churches, the Heart of the North Gospel Ministries, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, many of the local school organizations, UMCOR, Red Cross, Care Net, Time Out, the Lighthouse, FVAA, WRA, and Ladysmith Jaycees.

Favorite Place/Activity/Event in Rusk County – Our favorite event is Mardi Gras. While we do not have small children anymore, we still enjoy many of the events surrounding the festival.

Memory of being involved in Philanthropy – Our first and still favorite memory is way back (longer ago than we care to think about) before we were even married. we decided to financially support a child in a third world country. Even though we hardly had two nickels to rub together, every time we received a letter from Ben it warmed our hearts more than anything else we spent our money on. We really felt like we made a difference.


The Ostensos  – Erik & Chrysa

Why did I join GIVE 365?  We are thankful for all of the great years we have had in Ladysmith, lots of good memories with terrific people and we want to give back what we can to help our community succeed.

Organizations doing good work in our community – Mainstreet, the Chamber, the food pantires, Habitat for Humanity, Women With Courage.

Favorite Place/Activity/Event in Rusk County – We love the Flambeau River – water skiing, wake boarding, boating and now paddleboarding – and of course the Mardi Gras.  We have not missed a Mardi Gras weekend in the 23 years that we have lived in Ladysmith.