Celebrating 15 Years of Enriching Our Community

Ways to Accomplish Your Charitable Goals

Rusk County Community Foundation (RCCF) can ensure your legacy aspirations will be accomplished most effectively with a planned gift for your favorite charity or cause. We can work with your financial and legal advisors to best “tax-advantage” your living gift or charitable bequest to benefit both you and your intended charity.

Ways to Give

  • Cash
  • Appreciated securities
  • Beneficiary designations on your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), pension plan and life insurance policy
  • POD (payable on death accounts)
  • Annuities
  • Illiquid assets (such as real estate, homes, farms, and their remainder estates)
  • Bequests in your will, living and /or charitable lead or remainder trust
  • Charitable transfer from your IRA (in lieu of mandatory minimum distribution)

Fund Types to Leave a Legacy

Designated Funds – Used when donors want to support a specific charity or program within that charity, e.g. a church, school, or favorite non-profit organization.

Field of Interest Funds – Used when donors want to support various causes, e.g. animal rights, musical arts, health and wellness programs, empowering youth, wildlife and recreation, etc.

Donor Advised Funds – Used when donors and their families want to choose which causes or charities they will support year to year.

Unrestricted Fund – Used when donors want RCCF to identify issues and make those charitable decisions to best meet the changing needs of those in Rusk County. Your gift or bequest will give grants in Rusk County — forever — while honoring your family’s legacy.

Agency Fund – Used when non-profit organizations, such as churches and schools, want endowed-investment services to support their missions.